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Osborne Technologies, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is the manufacturer of RAWHIDE GEARS (also known as LEATHER GEARS) and PHENOLIC GEARS in the United States.

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Osborne Technologies proudly supports a broad array of industries, distributing our products to all trades with gear applications requiring the smooth, quiet transmission of power - while protecting the mating metal gear train.

We serve the industrial supply business as well as the manufacturing sector directly. Osborne Technologies is also proud of our record of prompt delivery, excellent customer service and exceptional value with every RAWHIDE and PHENOLIC GEAR we provide.

Osborne Technologies boasts over 100 years of customer and product spec sheets which enable us to manufacture new gears exactly to the same specifications of the original gear, even if it was engineered 50+ years ago. If you have an existing RAWHIDE or PHENOLIC GEAR, there is an excellent chance it was originally made on our equipment and we have the original blueprint in our files. We can also custom make gears to your exact specifications.

We also provide RAWHIDE and PHENOLIC blanks to gear makers that want to cut their own gears.

Thank you for visiting Osborne Technologies and please contact us with any questions about our products and services.

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