About Us

About Us

Osborne Technologies, a division of Mound Tool Company, manufactures Rawhide and Phenolic Gears to the highest quality standards.

Our company acquired the original Rawhide Gear division formerly belonging to the Chicago Rawhide Company (which was ultimately sold to SKF Group) which had been in business for approximately 100 years.

We integrated the Rawhide and Phenolic Gear division with our existing manufacturing capabilities and are proud to carry on the long tradition of specialized gear engineering.

In addition to acquiring the original gear making equipment, processes and know-how. We obtained all of the original product and customer spec sheets detailing the critical data on all gears ever manufactured by Chicago Rawhide going as far back as 1909. We have worked diligently to restore all this data and incorporate with the new data that comes with new orders. In the end, we have a resurrected a massive database of product and customer information that is available to serve our customers and recreate gears to their original design.

In addition, we can custom make gears to almost any specifications. However, we are most often asked to replace an existing rawhide or phenolic gear which we can identify by the original item number typically stamped onto the gear itself many, many years ago.

Rawhide blanks are available. Please call for pricing. Expediting manufacturing available as well.

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