Product Records

Osborne Technologies has restored the original product records of the Rawhide Gear Division formerly belonging to the Chicago Rawhide Company. These records date back over 100 years and document most every specifications of each gear previously manufactured over the last century.

Unique Part Number: In most cases, if the original gear is still available, stamped on the side of the brass flange of the gear will be a unique 6-digit part number to identify the individual gear. If available, please reference that part number to our staff and hopefully we will be able to locate the detailed product records in our database.

In any event, the primary specifications required to engineer a gear are: number of teeth, pitch, outside diameter, overall face, finish bore, keyway, number of rivets & bolt circle, pressure angle and type of material.

Special requirements such as specified flange material, tapered bore, extra keyways, set screw, hubs, etc. are available upon request. Below is the typical form used internally at Osborne Technologies to document the product records for an individual gear.

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