Rawhide Leather Gears

Our rawhide leather gears are engineered from water buffalo hide specially treated for maximum strength and shock absorbance. The gears are riveted under hydraulic pressure with thick durable brass flanges on both sides. Tooth strength is extremely strong due to the unique processing of the multiple layers of rawhide which retain virtually all of its original fiber strength.

The benefits of rawhide leather gears are numerous. With minimal lubrication required, rawhide gears mesh smoothly with the mating gear and eliminate destructive vibrations and wear & tear inherent to metal gear trains.

Rawhide leather gears transmit “cushioned power” at very low noise levels to help make a quieter, more safe work environment.

Rawhide leather gears are designed to function as the weak link. So if an overload occurs, the gears are designed to fail before more costly damage occurs to the larger driven gears.

Applications include punch presses, forging hammers, turning drums for tanneries, cable winches in mining operations, merry-go-rounds and hundreds of other applications requiring the unique properties that only rawhide gears can deliver.

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